Thank goodness for Dollar General!

Haha. Well technically it’s not stealing bc they have to throw messed up sandwiches away. There were days though that I’d go to work hungry and leave work hungry. I remember locking myself in the bathroom before my shift crying and telling God “God, I’m so hungry.” Then I’d wipe my tears and go clock in for my shift. I never told anyone I was hungry not even my dad. A coworker said once to me, “squirt (nickname) are you losing weight?”

I never thought of a food bank.

I’m so sorry you went through that. That’s awful! Luckily, you now do think of food banks. If it ever happens again, you’ll be able to try and get to a food bank.

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We got food stamps while I was on maternity leave with oldest son at mcd’s, but once I went back my 5.30an hour and John’s 7.15 an hour at the pharmacy we made too much. So I worked closing shift 3pm-2am, John worked 9am-8pm 5 days a week, but didn’t get OT cause they’d have him take long lunches or whatever to not have to pay. Our babysitter was 10 bucks a day so Kalick was at sitter 2pm-6pm, and then my dropout 14 year old sister would watch him till John got off for a pack of cigarettes a week.

I got one meal per shift paid, and then end of night once cameras turned off we would make a bunch of food and take it home. Otherwise we lived on 60 bucks a week groceries for us 3. Then I was a manager when I got pregnant with Kiefer, inmilwaukee, they wouldn’t give me my promised raise cause my obgyn cut my hours to 30 a week (I worked 46, n ok OT cause I found out they edited my time sheets after I left, they told me the insurance for managers just was double what it really was, and we didn’t get check stubs). I was 19 at the time, so didn’t know my rights. So I got a job offer as a dietary aide in a hospital, made 8.50 an hour, and paid for the insurance, filed bankruptcy after the birth of Kiefer causebinsurance said preexisting condition, paid nothing towards any of the Bill’s. We lived on credit cards. When we filed, it was for 150k worth of debt, mostly medical and credit card. Gave up our house, moved to SD. I lost my job when Kiefer was 6 months old cause I had post partum psychosis and was put into psych ward for 2 weeks…luckily Medicaid paid for it, hubby filed while I was in hospital.

At least we’re doing better now, yeah, I can’t work I get 800 a month SSDI, but John makes 20.48 an hour. With a 3 dollar raise as of Jan 23. We use food pantries still, but we get no other benefits from welfare. But with the raise we should have a food budget of 150 a week, instead of 80-100 so that’ll help.

My boys arev16 and 14 and want to get jobs, but after telling them how fast food treats you, they said they’ll wait till 17 and try to get into the employee union owned grocery store we shop at. Kids start at 13.00 an hour part time, they’d be baggers or cashiers, they’re both bright boys I told them bagging is like tetris, don’t put certain things together and don’t make bags heavy. And the grocery store loads the bags into your car for you, so except for being cold for a few mins at a time, not a bad gig.

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