Thank god no court anymore

Thank god I don’t have to be in court anymore


I hear that. One of things from my past I also don’t miss.

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Why were you in court if I may ask?

Court sucks.

I was in and out constantly between ages of 12-16

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12yos can go to court in your country? Here the age is 15

I think age here is 10 or 11 for juvenile crimes

Here people under 15yo can only be taken into custody and placed in a foster home or such

In England at least, you get a referral order, then a supervision order, suspended sentences then custody

By time I had been through these stages, I was 17, and was in youth custody for a month before they put me on a community rehabilitation order that got me off drugs and compliant with the law until this day

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I just got fined in court thankfully

Sounds like Finland is more lenient on young offenders than here.

To be fair though, I kept on doing a lot of things wrong and getting caught, so I deserved what I got

Just try not to do anything else illegal…

Hopefully this will be a turning point in your life and you can move on

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yeah Finland is good
My crime wasn’t that serious (death threat) so yeah it may be the reason why

And yet you did it again.

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The only time I had to go in front of a judge was when I was involuntarily committed in the hospital.
I had a court appointed lawyer as well.

Both my court appearances were traffic related. Of course.

I’m a recovered alcoholic. I behaved badly in public when intoxicated back in my younger years.

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Here the decisions are up to doctors, not court unless its criminal

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