Thank god i'm not


thank god i’m not…

  • a vegetable :frowning:

i am glad i can walk and think almost coherently, i have fingers and toes, arms and legs, and a mouth which i can use to speak through and listen, i can see and basically i have a lot to be thankful for.

what about you?


I am thankful for the home my provider has given me - a place where I can recover and grow. Where suffering is not considered pathetic but only a necessary step in the healing process.


Or a turkey today. :smile:


think i’d rather be a veg than a turkey in America right now lol

but you know what i mean when i say ‘vegetable’ probably not the best way to describe someone but idk what the proper term is :frowning: maybe i am stigmatising those people by using an improper term but i don’t mean it in a bad way, i know its not politically correct :frowning:


Braindead…no “dead body” with functioning brain must be the worst thing on earth.


think brain death would be the worst bc you are nothing without your brain,

even if the body was paralysed atleast the brain is functional 'i just hope that they can detect that the brain is functioning bc it would be good if people could read you stories and interact with you even though your body may be unresponsive.


13 years old again -


I’ve studied the eastern front in WWII on the internet. The Germans were in 35 below zero weather without adequate winter clothing. Suicide became common in some German units because of the cold. At Stalingrad they got two slices of bread a day to eat, and a little stew with a couple of cubes of horse meat in it. (I don’t feel too much pity for the Germans because they brought it on themselves.) When I think about this I am thankful just that I am warm and well fed.