Thank God I was immune

I was just watching a program about heroin addicts in Alaska, and what their lives were like. I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I’ve tried a number of hard drugs, but none of them got me high. I know they were good drugs because I shared them with others, and they told me I didn’t go wrong. Most of my immunity came from getting the shot of Haldol decoate. I’ve snorted heroin, snorted cocaine, smoked crack, smoked methamphetamine, and probably done a few other hard drugs I’ve forgotten about. Thank God the Haldol shot made me immune to them. In that sense I owe my life to Haldol. I don’t want to sound like I think alcoholics are better than other addicts, but alcohol is probably not as addictive as heroin. There was this one girl who was addicted to heroin where I live, and she gave herself 22 stitches in her neck because she could not take the opium withdrawal. That was a strong cautionary tale about heroin for me. It has been five years since I last drank, and my life is much better now. Any kind of addiction is bad.


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