Thank God for Pandora radio

I’ve been listening to Andy Williams radio and didn’t realize you could create your own station based on who you like. That Amazon prime commercial with Latin singer got me listening to Jose Jose radio. Do you know who the singer in the commercial is?


Can you find the commercial on youtube and post it? Then maybe we could track down the singer.

Or even if you just had a few words from the commercial song we could track it down.

It’s a commercial for Amazon prime. Latin singer singing; you’re just too good, to be true. The words are scrolling on a TV. The commercial says; romantic music. It’s a new commercial.

It might be Amdy Williams.

Amazon Prime: Best Friend
Client: Amazon
Geo: United States
Released: September 2019
Actress: Rachel Brosnahan (American actress)
Music: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Andy Williams

I think Andy Williams is one of the first artists to record it. This is a remake by a Latin singer with a really good voice

It looked like that but I’m sure he has a Latin accent

Is this it?

If not, is it the same singer ?

Edit: I’m pretty sure that’s it and the singer is definitely Andy Williams.

I remember the Andy Williams show in the 60s and early 70s He was a good M.O.R singer.

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Yes. that’s the commercial. Maybe it is Andy Williams. I’ll listen to him again. for some reason it sounds like a Latin accent. Thank you.

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I guess it is Andy Williams. They’re so similar.

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Jose Jose passed away last Saturday. He is viewed as one of the best singers ever to come out of Mexico. I hope you enjoyed listening to his music.

I thought I’d share a video in his honor of one of his most notable performance.

Oh and Pandora Radio is amazing! It’s almost like having a friend around recommending a variety of music one might enjoy.

I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, I really like the station

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