Tha Spiritual Nature of Schizophrenia is a Gyft , To Notice and See a Reality That Exists That Others Aren't Able to Witness isn't a Crime


Tha TItle Says it All … ,

Jus Because Someone Else Does’nt Understand Why it is You Are Laughing and Can’t Stop , , , Doesn’t Mean Someone Should Call tha Police … ,

You Either Get tha Joke (OR) You Don’t … ,




I love the title and apparently it says it all!!!


SZ is curse and a blessing, I can now reflect more on dimensional aspect of SZ when i’m indoors. But when i’m outside, i’m done, i’m so toasted friend. It hurts my head badly, even I managed grow resistance on certain events, but resistance not solving but creating new challenges different kind.

It does seems that only we alone are able to understand and appreciate “gifted” side of SZ, nobody else yet aknowledged us.

This is true, many people live in bubbles. Unfortunately I was already a creative mind before this disorder. I loved questioning things and analysis. Didn’t need this disorder for that. But eh, whatevs.

If that’s all you experience then I can see why it might be wrong to dismiss it as a product of mental illness as opposed to eccentricity.

However schizophrenia/severe mental illness invariably involves considerable functional impairment.

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What Exactly Would thus Be (???) ,

e(Y)e Dropped Out of High School … … …

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Simplistically Please (!!!)

It often involves occupational and/or social difficulties.

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I’m going to say it’s not much of a gift. It has been a hindrance.

Thus is Naught Helping … … …

Anyone Else Know Whats Going on Here Between me and @firemonkey (???)

When e(Y)e’ve Been Drained Muddy Blue , Sleeping for Four Daise Strait is Verily Helpful … … …

Thy potato has spoken.

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Put money in the beasts wallet and it will be legal.

2 schizophrenics walk into a bar… they both don’t understand why the other schizophrenic is laughing. The End. :smiley:

I notice when I’m slightly psychotic I focus on space and the universe. When I’m on antipsychotics I don’t even think of space, I’m just plain boring in the way I think. Space… uh, such a fascinating thing to put my thoughts into. You can’t beat a good space documentary!

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