Tha Meaningless Of Lyfe (((INSIDE!)))

If you religious maybe you’ll know you’ve got an immortal friend

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Aahahahha I had the absulute certainty I would be the last person standing on earth so we might run into each other

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Satan would be like “see these are real people” + mouse ■■■■ yall

I’m not religious but I wont rule out immortality just yet

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Excitement turned to disappointment. Turned to rolling buzz.

Ehh what was I doing?

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Ahh right love. Feels great. Gd sz folks out there

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Probably the best

Here you go

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Agreed I think about that a lot .

That’s a rather broad generalization. You’re stereotyping.

Errr yeah.

Most likely . General mouses are all the same.

I want to have a baby. I think it will give meaning to my life. But I’d have to be off my meds for the duration of the pregnancy and before, of course.

sex controls the man (not all but okay)


money controls the woman (not all but okay)

id put it:
men are controlled by bodily and intellectual persuits

women are controlled by emotional and selfseeking(unless in serious relationship or has kids) persuits

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ms everdeen i do declare that that might not be nessery

quit generalizing this ■■■■.

Everyone likes money everyone likes sex.

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I Was >> Thinking >> About




SoitGoes, right now I’m barely existing. It’s like my life is a dream. Every day is the same as the last, and I have no memory from one week to the next. I already have 2 teenagers, my reason for living. But after they’re gone I’ll have no purpose in life…

Ah well I was referring to the meds during pregnancy…

but uhh yeah that’s how my life is. i barely think of yesterday. So it goes

I gotcha now, SoitGoes. I wouldn’t risk meds during pregnancy.

except asexual people, except people who dont give a damn about making money or are hardcore christians. actually real christians dont like either of those two.