Text messages in your head


Any one here ever get text messages in their head? I have had this happen several times but I have never heard anyone else complain of it.


Do you see it in your feild of view. If you do that’s pretty sweet and unique. As far as getting messages though it happens all the time they are text just gender less soundless though forms that seem to come from other people. I get these constantly and they are all about my current pscho sexual state. It’s really ■■■■■■■ annoying. But in the end it has helped me to stop thinking about sex and sexuality. So maybe the ends justify the means? How often do you get these messages and what are they about? Are you secretly a robot?


yes i do. they are from myself to me, only myself doesn’t like me very much so it’s almost always negative, disparaging comments written in my mind’s eye. it’s white text on a black background.


I just see them in my mind but they come from people I know. If I hear voices or hallicinate and can tell I am hallucinating it’s usually people I don’t know. On antipsychotics it doesn’t happen often but the last time I quit taking antipsychotics it happened frequently and I was hospitalized.