Texas or Florida? + more stuff

That’s where I want to live. Seems pretty conservative and nice, but I cannot live alone. I don’t know why we stay in California. It’s overpopulated, smoggy, crime ridden, and expensive. It’s nice if you have too much money and live in a beautiful area like the beaches or mountains, but most people like us are poor and live places where the roads are full of holes, it’s turning ghetto, people cannot drive, and more. Taxes are extreme and the only thing I look forward to doing is going to university because they are actually ranked pretty good even the local ones. Much better than most states and they are really affordable.

I heard Austin, Texas is good and anywhere in Florida pretty much.

I cannot live or survive on my own and I get too lonely. I would have to live with my mom and brother or something.

My dad is moving to Nevada and I cannot go with him because we fight. It’s also kinda of in the boons and small and nothing to do.

If I had money, I would own a ranch in Northern Nevada or Wyoming. Like Lake Tahoe or somewhere by Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Austin seems tech-y and more conservative than California, I guess. It’s civilized, I guess.

If I recovered, I would go to UNLV, Texas-Austin, Rice University, or some UF in Florida. Pretty nice places all ranked and prestigious, especially Rice and Texas-Austin.

The UCs are great and sort of better like UCLA but then I get my fear ramped up and PTSD stuff from whatever happened to me in college like alien abduction or bad drug trip (2011) from pot or something I smoked like that. Salvia or some messed up stuff I bought online that gave me a bad trip. I think it was legal in the US but I’m not sure about California at the time back in 2011; I don’t even remember what it was or the name or if it was just a bad batch. Similar to the Salvia laws. Then I also wouldn’t be surprised (or imagining) that I tried synthetic pot (or was that in a parallel universe?). One therapist said I had brain damage from synthetic pot even though I had no memory.

For some reason, I was targeted by grey aliens and I thought there were humans involved…but it’s all so not there anymore and I’m grasping for straws all the time trying to figure and remember things out. I think monster drinks ramp up my OCD personality and make me think back a lot to those days and not recover. Like I’m constantly searching for answers and clues about what happened to me.

I’ve been to other parallel universes in my past lives so it all is non-linear and apparently (true, I guess) God or the higher Being does not want me to remember or figure it out for some odd, unapparent reason(s).

I remember seeing a spacecraft above my house in 2016 (several) and other things too and it makes me think I went to Mars and maybe saw a similar craft at Cal back in 2011, but I don’t know if that was a different planet Earth lol…

I hope I can go back to school without being harassed or my reputation being ruined, I guess and hope…

Obviously a different school altogether.

Do aliens exist or was it just a psychological program? I believe in aliens for sure but cannot rule out bad actors.

Just don’t go to Roswell haha. But I’d like to live on a ranch out west, too. Like maybe Wyoming, not the boring, deserted wasteland, though. But my top spot is Idaho.

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I’d probably choose Texas just cause Florida has hurricanes and stuff

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everybody used to tell me to move to austin, texas when i was in my 20’s. austin isn’t conservative, it’s one of the most liberal cities in red texas. personally i’ve never been there, but my sister lived there for a couple years. texas, judging by the recent election is experiencing changing demographics and may in the future become more of a swing state, much like florida. i have 2 aunts and some cousins who live in florida, and they said alot of liberals from colder states choose to move there, but they are outnumbered by more conservative transplants from the midwest.

mom doesn’t like florida, she says it’s ugly, but i like it, some of the beaches are nice, and the humidity doesn’t bother me. that’s another thing about florida, is wait until you experience the humidity. some people can’t handle it, california is much drier so it may be a bit of a shock to you. of the two states, i would choose florida over texas, i’ve visited texas a few times, and i prefer more greenscapes, to the brown landscapes. what about a place like arizona? personally, i like swing states and ive thought about living in arizona, although it might be a bit too hot for me in the summer.

the thing that prevents me from moving to florida is the hurricanes they experience. i don’t want to buy a trailer, which i don’t think would hold up to a strong hurricane, which only leaves me the option of a condo. another thing is i’ve never to been to the gulf coast of texas, so maybe it’s nicer there, but i wasn’t impressed with what i saw of texas. dallas, was ok.

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