Texas executes more prisoners than any other state

“Hey, you know what’s good about all those Texans being executed?”

Fewer Texans.


Ha Texas jokes…I don’t care for Texas…they did have some good bands come out of that flat mess and don’t forget Mr walker Texas ranger…lol


Story in news intellectual disability

Can’t be killed

It was law years ago

But brought back

i wuz execture b a white stallion ridden fasr and faster with ian fass an true texan go big ur go home

i got killed fur having an intellectual disabilty miss daisy. low iq and lethal injection go hand and hand in these parts. but I’m in nevada not texas, where the toxins are all green yellow and red shiney thiga ma jaggies

Thanks for that

Trying not to be too disturbed

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Ol Meghilla don’t want to disturb nobody, he just wants to live in peace wit his partner harambe up in heaven. Give it up for the silverback crew ladies and gentlemen it’s a long hard day and they rush is but if it can be felt it can subside, we hoo labels make the world go round people. Everybody wants to own a hill figure or a Nautica best for the holidays sleeves and pants extra of course this is what we get if not for having a real iv in the factories like mayhem the boa doodle

If it weren’t for this intellectual here disability is what I’m talking about I would be able to fly with the Eagles in my country not just run with the chickens which everybody does but they don’t always intend for it to work out like that it does

It’s disturbing I reckon but a whole lot better than electrons in the outset she’ll spinning in obamas centrifuge up there in waging ton where the CIA and the FBI state and fed can all watch it progress to the point of being a nucleus catastrophic

Whichis use a certain potion called turmeric for the joints and bones wen one gets in in years around these her parts to cleanse all the neurotoxins out of your system with flank streak and speedos for harambe my boss wou scent me to ring a long long time now and then here we go it’s ponch labidosuous son of brosioys or snoop doggie doggie pound in the round hound mami from CIA headquarters

For if not then maybe and so forth and so on if I only had a brain that worked like a normal peach then we would al have trees and partridges in our yards to cme

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Good thing I am nice and calm this evening else reading about the death penalty would have made me grumpy

If I could just get to the bat cave and find my superhero man I could have lived pinched labidoshious in gnonrestrock kestrel pi painful dubious on

Wall this talk bout killing is makin me thirst gonna have a can of brew

Pumkin pie is what I had for my last meal before they hooked me up to the compressor

For peat sake Joaquin where gist du Frau Britten leig shweuzer brunt et lamna lamna brunt et Schweitzer lift little vagadocio