Testosterone replacement

Anybody having this done, im going to start soon hopefully it will help with the negative symptoms.

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Sorry but instead of introducing chemicals into your system, with all the potential side effects, try signing up for therapy instead.

But most people like you, want an easy option.

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If it helps, it’s worth it.
Therapy has not helped me with negs.
There is no way to think or use logic to overcome negative symptoms

What exactly is people like me? What are you insinuating?

I wanted TRT but my T levels were normal.

TRT has tremendous benefits for the people who need it. I don’t see how using something that could potentially help you is weakness.

Lol. Nothing. Sorry it my warped sense of humour mate :smiley:

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Good luck there mate, I had my test checked and it was low for my age but within range so nothing for me. I think it might impact the negatives and, especially if you train, it should make a world of difference on your body composition. Good luck on the side-effects and I wish you the best!