Testing the waters

i know this is stupid but i had to at least try just to see where i was at :frowning:

i convinced myself that i was cured after 3 years of good stability, all of my sz symptoms had gone and i thought that it was time :s after all i was only getting side effects from my meds in the form of sensitive eyes and bloatedness and a few other things,

so i did, i tried to stop :frowning: i lasted about 1 week and i was full blown sz again, but i had taken precautions and i had told a few people what i was doing so the minute i started to get symptomatic i started back on the meds again.

and thats what i did, i was very worried that i would not get back to that place i was at before i stopped and i had terrible thoughts that i couldn’t go out and make it back to college :frowning: i wouldn’t see my friends again and everything i had been building up was coming crumbling down, i was going to sell my pets as i couldn’t look after them anymore.

but the doctors i phoned about my worries said i should level out in a couple of days and 3/4 days later i am almost completely back on track.

just remind me never to do that again pls :frowning:

i feel pretty stupid now really except for losing a bit of weight but i’ll probably put that back on again anyway.

i took an awful chance, i was playing with my life, its not a gamble i would wish on anyone.

if you are stable please remain so, this disease doesn’t just go away, i know this now, i thought it might have cleared up but no.

from now on i am going to tell people i have brain damage maybe because thats what it feels like, self induced brain damage or what not and i realize that there is no getting to the bottom of this, its not psychological :frowning: its a disease that cannot be cured it can only be treated/managed.

i am just very thankful that i am on a really good med just now, thank god.

What meds are you on?

i’m on a low dose of amisulpride but i’ve been told that everyone is different when it comes to meds and although this is a low dose it is still pretty strong for me.

I"m glad your coming back to feeling better. Don’t beat yourself up over this one. I’m sure there has been a time for many of us to test those waters. I sure have. I did it more then once. I’m sorry it doesn’t clear up. I have felt that too. A nice long stint of getting through your day effectively, and it’s easy to think “Hey, I’m over it”

I’ve been there. It’s OK. It happens, just like falling off the wagon. But the important thing is to start again, stay motivated to keep on top of this via meds, therapy, support groups, and think on the good in life.

I’m glad your feeling better now.

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Yes everyone reacts different. So glad you are doing better!!!