Testing BB code


Doesn’t work.

Nope. Heaven forbid that Discourse observes discussion forum standards that are common elsewhere.

Look. It’s obvious ‘BB’ stands for Bare Bums. Now go test your perverted code somewhere else, mister!

Think of the children!!!

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Can you tell I’m bored?

What is BB code?


It’s code to format text, like this

this is bold

[b] this is bold [/b]
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Thank you.

How did you get the code to work?

A few bits of bbcode work


[code] this is code [/code]

Quite frankly having bbcode as an option with this forum software is a fraud.

Click meYou can still do some stuff though!

You guys are clever!

It was actually @Rhubot that discovered the ‘click me’ one.

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How did you do the click me thing?

I accidentally discovered

#big fonts


I like it when people fuzz out their text and you can click on it and the text appears.

I’m not even that good with smilies.

<details><summary>Click me</summary>You can still do some stuff though!</details>
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Yes! Like that!!