Testing a skype button



Try a Skype uri link: <a href="skype:echo123?chat">Skype!</a>

Skype echo


Nvm. :frowning: It just keeps adding the http:// which ruins it. : P

just thought i’d try lol,

i somehow managed it on the old forum lol god knows how but it did work

What exactly was the goal here - to have people be able to easily call you on skype to chat? You can also just share your skype name. Can you show me where you had it working before? or give me an example where you see it?

Tried putting skype user name between [skype] [/skype] bbcode but didn’t work.

Also tried cutting and pasting html code provided in setting up a button and that didn’t work

idk what the goal was haha

i was just bored and i remember i did it on the old forums

my skype name and profile is totally anonymous anyway so i didnt see the harm in it and if anyone did contact me i wouldnt give away any private details or anything anyway.

just checked and that button on the old software isnt there now lol, it was there though definitely

I have a paranoia that the NSA listens all Scype discussions.