Test your social IQ

I got 6/12. 9.1= social IQ of 87 . I’m waiting to see what mine would be .

Sent in a comment with my answers. Awaiting my score.

He/she takes some time to reply.

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It seems I did better than 3% of the control group

in response to **Tim … ** :

My social IQ is between 56-66 . Yes or no?

The distribution is skewed which makes your social IQ seem lower than it is. The reality is you did better than 3% of the control group. If the control group is representative of the general non-pathological population, this equates to a social IQ of 72. In fact the control group is slightly higher and less variable than the general population in Wechsler IQ (and presumably social IQ too), so comparing yourself to them might underestimate your social IQ somwhat.

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