Tesla cars

I lurked a website where participants were talking about Tesla cars.
All Tesla cars owners said that they have nothing to worry about car maintenance and about the price of a full tank of electricity.
They gave plenty of reasons to buy a Tesla compared to a gasoline car.
Would like to have your opinion about this subject, knowing that I live in Western Europe.
(I’ll join the thread again tomorrow)

I think its great except for cold countries like Canada. I heard that battery capacity is cut in half in very cold weather.


in a few years tesla will be outsold by the other main car manufacturers in electric cars.





Thats just a few of the mains. theres also toyota, hyundai, chevrolet and stuff. Theres gonna be plenty of nice ones probably at a more affordable price soon enough.

plus teslas aluminum 1 piece body is a fortune to fix if you have an accident so have good insurance!

you could say im anti-tesla anti musk :joy:


What I’m most looking forward to is automatic driving, and especially the fact that it’s allowed here.
I would love to be able to go on a road trip with my two bare feet on the dashboard while sipping an ice tea. :smile:


haha me too. A while back I wanted to get this device called a comma3 - you plug it into the obdII port in your vehicle and it will become a Level 2 self driving car. It has a list of different cars it works with but the car needs to be at least 2017 or newer.


I’ve test driven a couple. You can tell by the feel they aren’t well manufactured. Shouldn’t rattle or squeak like that when driven off a lot new. The company also has a track record of pushing out unsafe, untested features. They’re being investigated because of it – too many deaths.

The Chevy Volt honestly drove better and it’s from a company I trust. I’d rather have it.


Is this George Hotz’s company?


yes it is 15151515

the comma one was a lot cheaper it use to only be like 350 or 500

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I have that, it connects to my phone through bluetooth sko I can program and run diagnostics of the car.


ah yeah I have one of those too for checking codes. very handy. I have the bluedriver one.


It’s strange they would not have a simple solution, like heating the air around the battery. I can’t conceive of why that’s not possible.

What I was going to say was, Toyota came out in 2019 with a car that runs on nothing but hydrogen. Hydrogen combines with oxygen in the tank, and the only byproduct is a bit of water

I remember watching a documentary of a guy who built this exact type of engine back in the 1950s. But for some reason the idea was never followed up, for obvious reasons I’m sure. Oil companies, car manufacturers and the clout that they carry

Why isn’t this engine more widely adopted? It seems absolutely ludicrous that it is not the ultimate solution.


They’re fun to drive. I would buy one but they were out of my price range recently

There are articles that say Tesla might make a 25k car. I like the electric pickups. I think I once read that having your feet on the dash is bad in an accident.

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Sticking with hybrid for now.



I was talking to my coworkers yesterday about tesla. There are interesting theories about the future of tesla

It could be because the battery business and components is the new money racket. And the zero carbon tax credits too.

Hydrogen is complicated to produce and either needs an amount of energy or materials that are not economically sustainable yet for passenger vehicles. Hydrodgen fuel cells are very ticklish to produce and require all kinds of rare elements. Expensive. Lots of attempts to make this viable, but nothing really successful yet.

Electric cars using super capacitors instead of batteries may be coming next.