Terrorism - thrilling or chilling?

Do you choose scary movies for entertainment? I’m afraid I’m scared of the scary at this time. I would rather feel soothed and safe. One of my housemates is really into scary stories. Not me. I’ve had enough.


Since having sz they trigger my psychosis and I can’t sleep at night, I get scary flashbacks and can’t sleep.
I used to love watching blood in Dr House, now it scares me to death.

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I like the softer ones like monster house and coraline. Aka children’s horror :joy:

I like them lol, makes some of my delusions seem ridiculous

I love horror but I have to be careful with it or I get an increase in symptoms

I don’t think terrorism and horror movies are the same thing lol, that being said I use to love horror movies.

I love terrorism shows and movies like colombian drug dealers, Pablo Escobar in Narcos on Netflix lol But I can’t watch horror, it triggers and scares me lol

I’m watching Narcos right now its hard reading all the subtitles all the time lol

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I actually like the spanish language, it looks more original. Which season are you watching?

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If you want a longer version of Pablo Escobar there is El Patron Del Mal on Netflix too.

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I just started season 2 I like the language too just can’t understand it

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When I was a child and up until my mid teens it was Horror and scifi that I watched the most

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