Terrifying phenomenon

There is this strange burning, fiery thing in the sky right now. It’s unfamiliar and terrifying, but it did warm things up enough outside that I was able to walk to work today. 10,000 steps, although I’m pretty winded now. Hopefully the fireball holds off consuming us for long enough that I can get a few more walks in.


Sounds like you’re noticing the sun for the first time.

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I’ve heard news of this strange orb in distant lands. Alas, my own sky keeps dropping this white powder on me. I would like to take a walk, too.

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Are you stable @velociraptor?

I am now. Was using this 10 minutes ago and I nearly went arse over tea kettle:

Mrs. Pixel bought it for me.



That burning thing in the sky that warmed you is called the sun.


Somebody tell that fireball to quit bullying me it’s made everything too hot I think we’re all gonna melt :cold_sweat:

I think my grandmother told me about legends of it from before the last ice age.


I thought you were talking about a fire ball during the night. When I was a kid, I saw a fire ball in the sky during the night. I think it wasn’t a meoteorite because it wasn’t moving.

Don’t forget to wear PPE @velociraptor

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Some interesting observations about the massive fireball:

Word has it if you stare at it long enough you’ll go blind!! Why isn’t the media covering this??


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