Terrified of mother

I feel like she sentenced me to hell on earth and she had the clout to carry it off…


Both my parents were cold, electric terror.

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My mom could yank my chain occasionally, but all in all, I think she was a good person. She did disappoint me a little towards the end. She was so outraged about my dad, like it wasn’t right there staring her in the face the whole time. She took that anger to her grave.

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I try to lighten up about them, but the nightmares keep coming back.

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I just watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”. It had something to say about mothers and relationships.

What was the statement?

It wasn’t a statement so much as a portrait. I doubt if it is liked very much by the feminists. It was just about the baggage we get from our mothers that we take into relationships. The women are portrayed as kind of fragile in the movie. The name of the movie is “The Birds”. You might have seen it.

I knew of it but never saw it. I just remember a scene where a huge flock of birds was scaring a child.

Birds are flying around and making attacks the whole movie. There is this pair of love birds in a cage that are docile and lovable, but all the birds not in captivity are murderous bandits.


So were mine, Chordy. My Dad is dead, but my Mom is still alive. I’m at her mercy. I depend on her for sheltering my son and me.

I wish my mum taught me things but she didn’t. Now I have to embrace my stupidity as a result.

But at least I’m not totally stupid.

And yeahhh… She did go through all of labour and gave birth to me…
I just get scared. Too. Sorry you got scared too Chordy.

But she does try her best… She really does…

And I really appreciate that.

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Also my mum sacrificed a lot of freedom to raise me. I appreciate that. Too…

Just I do get scared…

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I don’t know why I get scared though.

So no hard feelings on her.

She’s an amazing Mum.

Have you ever been scared blind? I was, in the 4th grade. Sitting around with the girls during recess, someone mentioned wanting to get married. Later, I went blind and ran into someone in the circle. Still don’t know who it was, but she hollered “Ow”. I decided then that it was better to be scared of my mother than to get married.


No I’ve never been scared blind.

Sorry that your mother was cold. I’m sure it hurt but I’m also sure she wishes she could have been warmer…

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