Terrified of flying

This will be an interesting day.

I used to fly everyday, it’s safer than driving around in your truck

I am the one driving my truck. That helps.

Be happy you don’t have to fly the plane

I do just fine in a DC 10 in MS Flight Simulator. :wink:

I would post some of the flight experiences I have had, remind me to when you get back.

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Where are all the people at? :smile: it looks deserted!

Ah man, me too. Good luck

I’m here over an hour early.


I like flying. I like to see the cloud.

Deep breaths and take something to do to distract you. I like to read magazines on flights

Made it to Kelowna BC in one piece. Bring on the leadership conference.

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Hate flying especially long hours and motion sickness.

My Mom is going to visit her brother this weekend. She is very nervous about flying.

I am going to lend her this book that has helped me…

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My mom prays the rosary during all her flights. She says it helps to cheer the plane on.

Chicken fried steak, biscuits, and gravy. My day is looking up.

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