Terrible mood swings and irritability even when on meds

it seems like the meds only have ever worked for my hallucinations my mood is always changing dramatically i never feel ok and i am always irritable this has been for every med i have been on i was looking up mood stabilizers and was going to think of bringing it up to my pdoc but the only one than i looked at that doesnt have an interaction with my ap is lamictal and i refuse to take anything that could possibly cause weight gain because i am trying to lose weight, does your antipsychotic help your mood or do u have to take something for that also or am i the only person with this problem

I’m sorry. Risperdal is supposed to help w irritability/aggression but most APs are not geared towards stabilizing mood. I would recommend an antidepressant like an SSRI for that. Zoloft really helped with my irritability.

Agree with Anna - i have had these probs very seriously - fluoxetine changed my life - and family therapy helped me get the rest of the way