Terrible ideas to pass the time while in lockdown

  1. Make toy cars out of your own excrement (Not very sanitary, most likely will result in a call from your psychiatrist)
  2. Run around screaming with your arms flailing (Most likely will result in a visit from the police)
  3. Watch the flies hit your bug zapper (This might be a little entertaining at first, but it’s not very intellectually stimulating.
  4. Sit right by your window and photograph your neighbors living in the apartment right across the street from you (See the results for number 2)

Feel free to add your own!


Ruminate lolol. That’s been an issue for me.

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Don’t make me bring out the chainsaw!!!


Oh I hear ya!

I catch myself getting angry at people who have wronged me. Even though it’s utterly pointless.

@Mountainman LOL! Noooooooo I’ll be a good little boy from now on. Promise. :crazy_face:


I hope to not get in fights with my brothers as they work home now.

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Uh oh!

Do you have a room of your own you can hide out in?

I nearly got in a fight with one earlier, yes I have my own room but I don’t hide. My parents often protect me.

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