Terrible at job interviews

I’m just horrible at job interviews. I used to be pretty good. Now I can’t even find the words to answer questions. I had a job interview. The lady asked me a question. I spouted off something incoherent and stupid. It seems I did terrible. I even told her it was a terrible answer. She said she’s gonna pass it along to her boss. If they’re interested the boss will call me before 4. I doubt she calls. Oh well, on to the next.

A few weeks ago, I had my first interview in a long time. It went horribly. After that I went online to look at typical questions to prepare better.

Wonder if this works:

It does !

On to the next one.

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This happened to me too last week.

I screwed it up


Interviews take practice… I totally relate im not good with interviews at all … it also depends on how comfortable it feels to be around the people asking questions

I always bomb interviews. Even before I got sick, they gave me trouble.

I am not applying for jobs yet I still get Indeed indboxes from employers wanting me to work because my cv impress them they say, I worked at a big company that makes airplanes as a physiotherapist and a gym manager, its a small gym. Its also my education, physiotherapy university degree. But that was b4 sz, now I can’t even volunteer, 0 motivation and energy. I just ignore work requests, I have received 3 requests since january.

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