Terms US Media Uses For Other Countries That Technically Could Be Used For It's Own

Death Camps- Death Rolls in prisons
Political Prisoners- Outspoken critics of the government who are audited and arrested for tax evasion.
Mafia- Drug gangs.
Sectarian Violence- Racial incidents between citizens and police.
Sectarian Divisions- Majority racially resegregated schools and neighborhoods and the differences between.them
Government Surveillance- The NSA.
(And here’s one for Americans who didn’t like the Europeans mentioning it in our country)
Immigration Problems- Syrian refugees.

I would argue that it is not as bad in the US as it is in other countries across the world. For now everything seems to be hanging in there. It might be going downhill but for now it is hanging in there.

I just wonder if it’s always as “backwards” in many of the other nations our media portray them as. It’s a matter of perspective.

Without specifying which countries you’re talking about, this is an incredibly naive thing to say. I can assure you the US is far from the best country in the world when it comes to these issues.

Welcome to america babtised in blood covered in leeches force fed lies…

That’s kinda pessimistic. The US is still one of the best countries in the world. I’m not even comparing it to places like north korea or venezuela. Most people here don’t go to sleep starving and with the exception of places like chicago the crime rate isn’t that high compared to places like mexico. If you are arguing about health care it depends on which polictical side of the spectrum believes that our healthcare isn’t that bad. Or it is terrible if you are arguing for socialized medicine. Or public school may be behind but our universities are the best in the world. I do believe that we are declining however. Maybe that is what you are referring too. And as I said before labor participation rate has been declining since the late 70’s early 80’s. Most of what he mentioned isn’t really that bad in the US.

Death camps the worst that I can think of is the internment camps during WWII. I will admit that I think people who are republican seem to be disproportionally targeted by the IRS. There was even a scandal about it. The problem with the mafia has decreased as of late. It isn’t like Mexico where you have to worry about being mugged at a stop sign and killed if you are in office and oppose crime. Sectarian violence isn’t all that bad. Again there are many events where republicans were targeted by violent protesters. Also Black Lives Matter seems to be pretty violent. However for the most part they are isolated and you can still vote how you want. I believe that segregation doesn’t happen on purpose. People seem to move close to other ethnic groups that are close to theirs. Government Surveillance isn’t as big a problem as you would think at least I can say that from my limited in intel in the military. The US doesn’t seem to want to deport illegal immigrants but for specifically the case of syrian refugees we don’t have nearly the problem that Germany has. So that is like 3 or 4 out of 7 and the problems we do have seem to lack intensity in my mind.

It’s not pessimistic, it’s realistic. The US is a very good country by most standards, but it is not the best by many. I will not deign to get into an argument with you about this. If you want to compare the US with other countries there are plenty of rankings you can find by Googling.

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