Terence was a bit confused


Sure terence, there are shaman, this is true.

But a schizophrenic is a shaman, nah, gotta disagree with you there.

We’re not shaman. Not in the least.

Same spirits though, i’ve seen the same ones the shaman see, several times actually.

Im not a shaman though. Two different things, way different things.

See terence, sometimes they just murder you. Not what you’d usually call a shaman.

Seriously, what in the hell was terence talking about on that one? Because i just don’t know how he could have ever given any credence at all to those thoughts.

As if becca on youtube being tortured by that crazy piece of ■■■■ makes her shaman!? The dark being clouded her that night and terrified her with suggestions that her family would die, so she set out barefoot to save them.

Is that a shaman terence? Wtf?!

If shaman are tortured to death then sure im a shaman.

It’s like 1408, it won’t let me out and it wants me to kill myself. It’s really really ■■■■■■ up and i honestly don’t think that is shamanism terence. They even do it to children sometimes, like becca.

You are a smart fellar terence but sometimes you are just a lunatic.


Maybe many shamans were schizophrenic. But not all schizophrenics were shamans. Shamans usually have an illness they were cured from, and then use their knowledge to heal other people (at least that’s what McKenna said in Food of the Gods)

So I guess if a schizophrenic became a psychiatrist technically they could be a modern day first-world shaman.


Dare I ask: who is terence?

I’m not sure that watching the movies and videos that you watch are helping and instead they may be furthering a certain type of thinking that doesn’t seem to be helping.


terence mckenna. He has alot of videos on youtube. The “schizophrenic or shamanic” video is what im talking about.

It’s way off!

I’ve seen many of the things in graham hancock’s “angels, elves, aliens, and ayahuasca” video. And shaman see those guys all of the time. But that doesn’t mean im a shaman

Like pan/faerie, ufos, an alien, guy with elf ears, the wolf they appear as(wolf, owl, deer in the video). I’ve seen alot of the things in the video and shaman see them as well. But terence is way off if he thinks im a shaman.

Schizophrenia is not shamanism, same spirits though it seems.


Terrence McKenna is a nut job that takes excessive amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms


Well he was on to something in what he was saying.

I have seen several of the ones that shaman have always been in contact with.

He’s just wrong if he thinks schizophrenics are shaman. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with it even though the beings from “graham hancock’s angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” are involved.

He can’t be much of a nut job if he was putting that together, he knew some things.


the beings from “graham hancock’s angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca”

enough said


He was just using different resources to release the same natural chemicals that are found in our brain. He didn’t harm anyone in the process and had a positive influence on a decade of culture. He was a cognitive explorer on a unique path. His last words were full of genuine life. All those who wander are not lost.