I’m going to buy 3 or 4 strips of Terbinafine and seriously use it.

I had ringworm/fungal infection for years and years maybe like 17 years, time to put memory loss to an end, I guess…


Actually it could be 18 or 19 years

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mmmm i respond to anti biotics and even disinfect meds, also anti fungal creme, gives me an anti depressant effect. strange maybe i have it too

can you explain it to me please

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what you mean by this?

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What is it used for …??? memory problem …!!!

I contacted fungal infection almost 17 to 19 years in the past when I was in hostel and fungal infections causes serious memory damage and brain malfunction.

Eight Reasons Your Brain May Not Be Functioning Like It Used To (And How to Improve Your Brain Health) - All Body Ecology Articles

I have Ring Work infection. It is dead on surface, that is, it’s not present any more on the surface, but it left a disgusting scar in my private parts. It causes brain problems or to say memory damage and I am not sure to what extent the brain damage goes. When the Ring Worm infection is found inside the body, it can be some other infection or just an yeast infection, it is present in my body all these years and it seriously causes memory damage and it didn’t appear or manifest any external features so I never knew it now that

nootropics and health supplements upgraded my brain I realised that I have yeast infection in my body and this is why I have serious and severe brain, memory problems.

If I treat the yeast infection, then my memory loss will be gone for good. Schizophrenia memory loss will not go away but yeast infection memory infection will be cured and memory will start to form again and I will have a life or to say a better life when compared to the worse life I already living due to

serious memory issues.

Anti biotics don’t kill yeast infection and creams and powders don’t kill the infection that resides inside the body.

I wanted to buy the medication today morning


and, now it’s already evening and I didn’t buy it.

I didn’t buy the medication for yeast infection because I am concerned about the drug interactions.

If I take the wrong combination of drugs then I will cause more harm than good to my body.

That is why, I am extremely concerned.

Yeast infection causes memory damage, the drug is used to destroy internal infection to combat memory problems.

Look man you shouldn t play doctor.you just need good amount of ap thats all.try risperdal its very cheap and effective.


Risperdal I used it for years and so far Abilify is the best

rest were too bad

@anon93437440 what you say is true on infections how do I know? Because ive caught infections through prescribed drug use via allergic reactions its quite brutal its damaged my body and mind.

Abilify is awful Risperidone awful to.

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Yes they have interactions with some of the medications I used in the past so, I never took medication

for fungal infection in the near past when I realised I need to do something about it.

Previously, I never knew. All these years I was a no brainer !!!

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Now, I’m no longer using Anti psychotics so thinking of anti fungal tablets, the tablet I mentioned

as topic name

is used for short duration and is effective so I chose that one but didn’t buy it

I am taking weight loss Garcina Combogia

Also All 9 M

so don’t want to risk it.

Yes, drug interactions will be mentioned in drugs.com or some website

but I find myself body present and mind / brain absent.

Anyway I can wait, no hurry but if I eliminate the yeast infection

my health will improve a lot.

I will look into it tomorrow.

Now it’s already next day.

Now, the time is 02:08 AM night

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