Tension Headaches at work

Hi, all!
Haven’t been on for a long time because I’ve been too exhausted from work and also last time it drove me nuts that I couldn’t check my phone at work every two hours to see what new replies I got here lol,not used to not being able to check phone but hey I’m working full time now!

So,I’ve been working since the October and it’s like December now. My first real, full-time job!

Been a whirlwind of confusion, self-doubt, and moments of happiness blurred by tension headaches.

Anybody else got home remedies for tension headaches? I’ve not been able to go to the dr., since I work 8-5 every day and my medi-cal dr. closes by teh time I get out…new development, I’m about to exit my probationary period and that means medical, dental, and life insurance benefits…which is awesome! BUT the dude who sold us the plans is like best pals with my boss. HIPPAA confidentiality might not apply when they’re hanging out at lunch,so I refused to confess I have sza.
“Do you have any medical issues?” asked dude
"Yes. I have anemia and depression." End of conversation.
Me inside: you’ll have to waterboard the confession of sza outta me, I’m not talking.
So, now I don’t know how I’m going to afford abilify or even get abilify, since that would require psych visits and I’m not sure if insurance guy will get word that my condition is worse than depression.
PLUS, omg the tension headaches stem from supressing my illness and past at work, I think. Everyone is super chummy. I chat and talk as best I can, but I’n not planning on telling them I’m sza EVER EVER even though they all chat about their anxiety disorder or cancer survivor experiences. Stigma too high. :confused:
sorry to ramble!
Lots of random love scattered towards you all!
My secret internet pen pals lol


Hey sounds like your doing well. I wouldn’t disclose either. Alls you may find is if you went of for szaff they might be able to say no to your coverage because you didn’t admit it.

As too those tension headaches. I know low dose but regular painkillers is a little better. So maybye an aspirin…low dose but once a day? I’d definately recommend your normal doc as I’m just an internet hack!

Wait till you get a sick day up and if it’s quiet slide one in and get to your normal doc! Hope you keep on keeping on!

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Thank you for saying I’m doing well! Yes, def not telling them lol. I’ll ask my medi-cal dr. if I can stay on for trials or do anything at all to avoid tipping off my work insurance.

Thank you for the advice, I will go buy some excedrin headache medicine and also ask a primary doc about it. I think I get an extra day off work this holiday season, so I’ll put an appointment in my google calendar to see a primary doc about tension headaches.


The only thing that really takes it like 85% away has been napping with my purring cat, oddly. when I wake up, the pain is nearly gone, or mostly gone! I think his purring and softness eases the tension somehow lol
Here’s a study, but it’s about cardiovascular relief by cats:

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so happy to hear from you @HQuinn !

I really wish and hope it goes on like this for you! Stay strong and well done keeping it a secret!
Even if your insurance finds out about your illness, your boss will not. HR department could know and ask you to meet them but that’s about it. Keep your personal life as private as humanly possible.

For headaches, maybe do some breathing exercises and take Tylenol. If it is a desk job, take 5 minute breaks from the computer.

Keep going!!

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i had one tonight i was worried it was an aneurism bc it was in a specific area of my brain and it was pulsing like a vain about to burst :frowning: so i tried not to think about it and used alcohol to numb the pain, it was coming and going as well which was strange, said to a friend if i die to give all my goods to charity.

Okay, I went out and bought pure only-CBD medicated rub (no THC). It eased my pain by like 75-80%. The question is to whether I am allowed to use it at work, or it’s too taboo, despite not having psycho-active THC that makes one feel “high.” Hmmm. A dilemma!
I also bought excedrin extra strength and i’ve been using the icy hot.
Thanks, guys!

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