Tense around people

i know we got to work slowly build through a conversation with people,i think I can do it online but I cannot do it in real life,its like different

I get tense when speaking but not typing,i do not know the exact reason but I am still grateful that there is such thing called the internet :smile:

I have the same problem. The internet is a great resource.

I’m the opposite. I tend to get anxious when communicating with ppl via email. Cos I cannot get all the facial expressions and subtle clues of what the other might be thinking or feeling which I rely on when I talk to ppl. I’m better at emails now, but I used to have a lot of trouble with Internet communication.

I guess we should be better at both and get the most out of the two in order to not get stressed.

How about talking on the phone, by the way?

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I get nervous around people…especially my family(not my mom dad and sister tho). I always think there thinking things about me…in a negative way. Whatever it is I just cant shake the feeling.

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Talking on phone is anxious for me too

and i found out that i been more then irritable in mood than usual,its affecting me and people around me