Tenets To Recovery

I am proud to say that I have finally recovered from schizophrenia. I understand it is best however to continue my meds because when I’m having full blown hallucinations it’s hard to understand the difference between what I’m hearing and what my mind is making up. I recovered by realizing the following:

  • Did you ever notice that the “voices” almost always talk about you and never themselves. The only time my voices talked about other things I noticed they were usually lying. I came to realize that was my delusional side of my mind making things up. Sometimes my mind guessed what was going on but usually it didn’t.
  • I realized my mind could lie to itself and judge itself harshly. For the longest time I didn’t believe my mind could say those things to itself. Then I realized that if I judged myself from an outside perspective then I would indeed see myself that way.
  • I realized that most of things I thought didn’t play out in how people treated me, but I only saw that once I couldn’t hear the voices outside my head, and few of the voices inside. My mind has an ability to simulate the voices of others and the imagination to have them saying things to me.
  • We have wonderful imaginations. If all of things people have built and all of the stories written were once in people’s minds imagine the World you and me are capable of creating in our minds.
    I have finally climbed the difficult mountain and am enjoying the view of sanity. I still hear voices but I don’t believe they are coming from outside my head anymore. My life is not perfect but I finally have a reason to be optimistic. I hope you reach this point in your lives someday too.

When I was a kid and heard the voices I never assumed they were from outside of my head, I never did, it’s the auditory hallucinations that come from out side scaring me…even when I’m psychotic and get the worst delusions I still have the idea that I am schizophrenic and my mind is playing a dangerous game with me…I lived years without schizophrenia and was able to use the creativity that my illness provided in my job and college.

I don’t believe my voices r anything but a product of my imagination either. Glad to know ur stable hunni. Xxx

i am happy for you.
take care