Tempted to go back on Abilify to kill my negative symptoms

But my parents dont want me on Abilify as I was spending too much and they had to pay my Visa debts. Now I am paying them back from the money I receive from the government. Maybe increasing my risperdal to 8mg will stop this thought. I would rather be sedated these days to not think about life. 8mg is the max risperdal dose.

Or you could try rexulti. You were previously prescribed it but you never tried it.

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Bcz I emptied my bank account and was spending too much every month. My parents even lended me money and it wasnt enough. I hate shopping addiction caused by Abilify but Abilify fixed my negative symptoms, was going to gym and hanging out with friends daily, daily showers, etc

I will ask my new dr if its a good idea but I wont stop the Risperdal, I will just add Rexulti

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I just checked my notepad I already wrote Rexulti and Straterra in my Drs note. I have to either try Straterra or Rexulti, will see what the Dr says.


hope you see the doc soon… so you can ask them if you can add the meds.

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