Temporary relief from Schizophrenia

Excedrine Migrane pills may temporary relieve symptoms. I take them occasionaly. It’s very important that you don’t get addicted to them. Addiction to excedrine is extrememly painfull when withdrawaling so it’s imperitive to not take them every day. But if you want a sliver of hope you can try it and see. It’s important that you don’t overdose or use for an extended period of time or they will damage your liver and stomach lining. Also do not mix alcohol with asitometaphine because they are both blood thinners.

I take 2 excedrine Migraines occasionally and it really is a nice brief repose from schizophrenia. Unfortunatly, it cannot be used long term. Migraine pills work the best because they are the strongest of their nature. Name brand is important too.

this helps because the anti inflamitory aspect of these pills causes the lesions (scar tissue from brain damage) on your brain to deflate and thus stop pushing against the healthy part of your brain.

Do not get addicted. The widthdrawl symptoms are severe.

This is my personal opinion and is in no way professional and you can try this at your own risk. There’s really no point though since it cannot be used long term anyway but just if you wanted to see something new for kicks.



On brain lesions and schizophrenia:


Again, do not get addicted and do not mix with alcohol.


Thought I’d tag you. Congratz on the new apartment.


Oh and here are the excedrine widthdrawal horror stories for people that have been addicted to excedrine migraine pills.


What the heck. How do people get addicted to excedrin. It’s a migraine medicine. Whenever I’ve taken it it literally just takes my headaches away.

I think if it helps with symptoms it’s a placebo.

im pretty sure they get addicted to it because eminem rapped about it…any drug eminem rapped about kids get addicted to these days…Lol.

I used to have migraines. The meds made me feel dizzy and pretty much drunk. I finally found one that did not make me drunk and took the head ache away. In Sweden it’s called Maxalt. Dn the english name for it.

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