Telling the Truth on This Forum

There’s an old Spanish proverb that goes something like this…

“He who tells the truth, better have a fast horse!”


That’s the best proverb I’ve ever heard.

“They grew up on the outside of society. They weren’t looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.” - S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

Now where’s my horse…

Don’t sweat it @Patrick, everyone has opinions

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I think constantly ‘sugarcoating’ another person’s problems will only lead to continued angst for that individual.

I believe @notmoses is a polarizing figure on this site just for that reasoning. He doesn’t beat around the bush…and that pisses off more than a few who post here.

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I highly agree.

Its not simple… I dislike people who praise themselves for ability to ‘tell the truth in someone’s face’ if that means that they think its perfectly right to tell person ’ hey you are ugly", or “you are incapable for xyx”…
“Oh…but I was just telling the truth!”
No douchebag you should get back home and learn the manners. :imp:


It’s also not right to chase somebody out of a support group because of his opinions. I don’t regard patricks opinions as the truth but at the same time won’t judge him. Sorry @Sarad will disagree with you on this one. When @Patrick needs it, he has this forum. Regardless of his “truths”.

I didn’t ‘chase’ anyone. And @Patrick knows that I am the last person who could ever do that.
I was expressing my opinion.

Alright than.


I think you meant…



I meant if NOT telling someone the truth continues to hurt or cause that person angst, then that is wrong.

You guys, I think there has been a lot of hate these past two days. Patrick, I like you, but there is a line between being honest and being rude. The reason Notmoses gets so much anger his way is that he speaks down to everyone, instead of speaking as an equal. And if anyone points out his lack of social skills, we are just dismissed as projecting our own feelings onto him. He has some good insights, as do you, but you also need to respect that other people have different values, opinions, views, and lives than you.

Social skills are an important part of any social group. I think it is easiy to dismiss people as two-dimensional online, and that makes us less aware of each other’s feelings. We need to remember that everyone here has a full life, and we are only seeing a small glimpse. If you keep that in mind, it will be easier not to rush to snap judgements about someone.


I get that. Just we have to be carefull and self critical about the truth we think is true.

hope you didn’t mean I called you a douche…

Which is HIS defense that he fails to apply to himself. I used to reference books and psychology at every other turn as well, until I realized that I was being an annoying jackass.

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I think society has become too politically correct.

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You’re right.

My Mom always blames the full moon but I think it’s just nature’s course.

I think political correctness gets a bad rep. It is just a synonym for “showing respect” and I think we can all agree that showing respect is a good thing.