Tell me your current life,lifestyle

Hi guys,I am Mobc1990.I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia for 10 years and had tried many antipsychotic,currently I am on low doses of Olanzapine.I think I am not productive at work or life,I wanted to do more and be a better person.My life includes of family,girlfriend(just met two months ago),gaming(it’s a vice that I find it hard to break),working out(I do lesser then I used to),work and internet.I would say I spent most of my time quiet,not communicating with people,because I don’t enjoy,not motivated to socialize.I used to hate taking antipsychotic,I thought it harms the brain and stop my brain from healing naturally,now I decided not to care since I got worst issue to handle.Also I dislike the sexual dysfunction…now I will just take the meds and stay compliance.My GF can accept that my sexual function is not at best.
I would say my life now is 6/10 at best,I am not confident it will improve because no matter what I do,it’s only little improvement and do not last long

Thanks for listening…tell me about your current lifestyle?Do you think its good or bad?


What is your line of work? Maybe you could focus on improving that. I dunno. Climb up the ranks or get some online certifications…
My life atm is far from perfect but slowly improving. I have a full time job but no girlfriend. I’m trying to lose weight so I started watching my diet, especially less sugars. I guess we must always set new goals and work towards them. Stagnation is bad for the mind.

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I have no paid job but I volunteer. I have no gf but I have a female best friend who is my former gf. I have no sex life both by choice and due to psych meds. I have a full, satisfying life made up of prayer, exercise (yoga), piano practice, meditation, volunteering, reading, social media, my pet cat, my best friend, cooking, and cultural events such as opera, classical concerts, the symphony, and the ballet.


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