Tell me what you brought to the cook out.just leave a post


Chicken Marsala and waffles for everyone! Pancakes for the waffle intolerant. Plus, a river of coffee.

I have some deer meat in the freezer, I can bring.

so do I ridgerunner did you get them this year? I got a neighbor got two this year.

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I can’t cook so I guess I bring pasta salad and chocolate cake.

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all right and you said you cant cook. sound like you did.

Nothing accept an appetite. I’m a moocher.

hell yea moocher well come…

I can make easy things is what I meant nothing fancy.

Pretzels and humus… :grin:

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hay we all need a dip once in a why’ll

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I had a friend of a friend hunt on my land, last November during deer season. He also got two.

Smoked salmon pinwheels.

Bottles of Fitz’s soda. No one ever brings beverages.

But i don’t drink soda

That’s cool, I’m taking orders. What do you want?

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Lemonade sounds nice. Mabey some iced tea. Also i feel like a frisbee or a soccer ball would be fun if its not to much to ask.

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I’ve got a few hanging around. I’m on it.

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Napkins, plastic plates and utensils. A watermelon under each arm like we used to have at my Granddaddy’s farm.

Thanks. You’re a life saver.

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Whoopie Pies, Venison sausages, moose meat burgers, corn on the cob (fresh from the neighborhood farmers market) and for the non meat eaters? I have some lovely stuffed portabella mushrooms, stuffed with various veggies of course!