Tell me some really good movies pls?

Happy go lucky

thanks for the suggestions. ive downloaded some already :slight_smile:
some other suggestions about movies concerning our illness? its still intrigues me wow :wink:
otherwise, I struggle. sometimes its all strange here being on those kind of meds but maybe I should be patient…

some others please? I occupy a lot my time with movies. I take some of your favorites too and the latest ones who are good :slight_smile:

Clean, Shaven (1993)

A story of a man with schizophrenia seeking custody of his children during a tumultuous divorce.

Would you consider science fiction?

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ok, thanks. ill try to check planet of the apes, I never saw it :). is it a good one?

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Gone girl - last movie I watched, pretty good actually.

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Start working your way through the imdb too 250 list :wink:


A departure from the usual would be the animated hobbit and or the animated lord of the rings

The Lord of the rings 1,2 and 3. A beautiful mind, inception, the wolf of Wallstreet, the Bourne identity, the Bourne supremacy and Bourne ultimatum. The dark Knight, edge of tomorrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Armageddon, titanic, the departed, inside man, independence day part 1. Shutter Island, catch me if you can, suicide squad,transporter, man on fire, the equalizer,dejavu, Flight, phone boot, the recruit,apocalypto well these are the few great movies I can think of at the tip of my tongue. They are really nice. Try some or all


What u into comedy romance action? This means war, notebook, the forest, central intelligence, nerve, ride along 1,2, get hard, daddy’s home, the hobbits, abducted, twilight, Harry Potter, lotr, Star Trek, pain and gain, Pineapple Express, this is the end

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As I recall, Inception scared the living daylights out of me.

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I like survival movies like Everest or The Revenant

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Really, but there’s nothing scary about inception. Honestly just a little confusing if you watch for the first time

I watch comedies almost exclusively, and Wet Hot American Summer is my favorite, though it is a weird kind of humor that most people don’t fully get the way I do; I’m yet to find someone who finds it as funny as I do. It’s not recent though, from 2001. A few of my favorite comedies from more recent years would be Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2, Unfinished Business, and The Interview.

I said, this is where it’s at:

The saw series brutal horror movies

And hostel and the puppet masters series

ive really liked Homeland like series. I would like I knew other ones who are so dynamic. for the moment, I avoid horror stories wow, I am a bit annoyed by them and its too dark sometimes…

You will like the forest it’s a mild horror but like our illness