Tell me more about Ben Carson

I see he’s closing in on Trump…

Since the first republican debate I decided he was the best candidate just by the way he spoke

But I’m an outsider when it comes to politics

Tell me his pros and his cons, because I don’t follow all that closely.

I know for sure I’d vote for him over Hilary and Trump.

He seems a little too conservative for my liking, but he’s better than the two other extremes.


He’s a ■■■■■■■ moron. I will never understand how someone that seems like they should be so smart can be so incredibly dumb.

I’ll probably end up voting libertarian again

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If I was a US citizen I would vote bernie sanders. #bernie2016

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I think I’m gonna write in Jim Morrison 2016


Lol the lizzard king for presidency. The war would end


My dad thinks he would’ve been very politically involved if he was still alive today

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Your dad is probably right. I would love to hear what Jonh Lennon would say about current events

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I agree with you , Turning…, he is the best man for the job. He is nowhere near dumb…he is a world renowned neurosurgeon and has led an amazing life…Read his book , “GIFTED HANDS” to learn more about his story.
Just because he is a man of faith does not make him a moron. He is a class act. Doesn’t and won’t sling mud or enter the ruckus in a debate…Just waits until he is asked to have a say…not out of stupidity, Out of dignity. Our country needs someone like him to pull us out of the toilet flushing vortex we are in now.

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He wrote a book where he talked about stabbing someone?!?!

And then his claims were investigated and found to be false… Why would someone lie about that?

Because of his religious background and beliefs, I’ll suggest looking into…


He also thinks it’s possible for prison to make a person gay (even though scientific evidence proves otherwise), that the Egyptian pyramids were built for grain storage (even though scientific evidence proves otherwise), I’m not looking back to reference more of his “brilliance” because ■■■■ that. Yes, he was a neurosurgeon and that takes a great amount of intelligence. Which is why it’s odd that he’s so incredibly DUMB!

Ben Carson is an idiot by what he says about pyramids meant for holding grain and everything else he says…NO ONE is going to beat Hilary.

I came across an article that had some evidence he was tied to an extreme homophobic
hate group. I think he’s intelligent and articulate, yet still has a lot of prejudice in his heart. And that is not because he’s a Christian. Even a lot of conservative Christians and Catholics are opening up to the gay community.

I’m not American but I like Bernie Sanders and would vote for him #Bernie2016

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I probably will vote for Hillary, because she has the biggest chance of winning.

I like Bernie as well, but I dont think that he has a chance of winning - too Socialist for Mainstream America (unfortunately)


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