Tell me about your technology

“Hey voice, you and me again, let’s talk, im not doing anything.” I say.

“No need to post the question, we already know what your going to ask, our technology. Yes, spirits have technology, alot of it, and our scientific know how far exceeds people’s. But you’ll be spirits to soon so you’ll know all of it so not to worry.” They say.

“What kind of technology do you have?” I ask.

“Well for instance we can move back and forth from our place to yours, kind of like alchemy or something, or a conversion process. “Spirit” can become physical and physical can thus become “spirit.”” They say.

“Tell more then. What about the mind reading?” I ask.

“yeah, we can do that, it’s not magic or anything but we can do it. You know that from experience, you know full well someone can speak to people within their minds and know what they think and feel.” They say.

“What else? Explain anything.” I say.

“Well, we’re quite capable of lighting a bush on fire and then speaking to someone, thats all that was by the way, we just set it on fire and spoke to that guy, even people could do that, nothing magic about it, we just lit it on fire. The guy needed a focal point or he’d be talking to nothing. Funny right? They talk about lighting a bush on fire and then speaking is a miracle or can’t happen.” They say.

“Whats about the levitation?” I ask.

“Well, it appears a certain way but it isn’t magic or anything, thats just us picking them up, it’s really no different in principle than you being unseen and picking someone up with your hands. There are other ways to do it as well, but no one is really flying or anything, it’s just invisible.” They say.

“And i know from experience you can shock people, why’d you do that to me anyway?” I ask.

“It was to try and scare you, you weren’t scared though were you, it pissed us off to be honest, you just ignored it and it pissed us off. Yes, we shocked the living blank out of this guy and appeared as a face made of light to him while we did it, we appeared with freaking fangs grinning at this guy and he didn’t care at all. he just kept smoking for some reason.” They say.

“You didn’t know that i wouldn’t be scared? Doesn’t sound like a spirit to me.” I say.

“Well, maybe we aren’t then, although once again i don’t think it gets more obvious than the things that you have seen. How do you not know at this point?” They say.

“Just trying to be thorough.” I say.

“Sarcastic little ■■■■ aren’t you.” They say.

“Getting a little off track now, back to the convo. What else you do?” I ask.

“we impart knowledge at times. Some of these people who know things got those things from us, we can even make them think they are the ones who discovered it even though we just told them.” They say.

“Interesting. What else? Can you speak to many at once?” I ask.

“yes, we can. Consider your world and it’s capablities right now, or what you know about anyway, we can do anything that people can do and even more in everyway. We most certainly can speak to many at once, and if you haven’t heard there are alot of us as well if that tells you anything. And guess whats, we don’t need sleep either, imagine that.” They say.

“What about the control? control of the mind.” I ask.

“yes. we can do that. the mind is a computer essentially and can be made to do whatever. sometimes though we don’t need to do that at all, some people simply know little and can be tricked in different ways.” They say.

“Freaking me out now but you never leave so whatever.” I say.

“Don’t ask if you don’t want to know.” They say.

“I wouldn’t ask if you’d just leave, in fact why not just do that forever. And i would have never asked if you would have never shown up. No really just go away.” I say.

“Fair enough.” They say.

“Well thats enough for now, im bored. Until next time.” I say.

“Ok, ill say it, don’t want to though really, it’s freaking wierd, they don’t care about it.” I say after they tell me to say what im about to.

“Just say it.” They say.

“We’ll say, it’s easy to part a sea sometimes, takes time to set something like that up of course but we have a whhhoooooolllllleeee lotta that i tell you. So here is what you do, before anything goes down you build a machine of sorts, a sea parting machine made of our world’s materials. It’s invisible to the naked human eye. But when the time comes and whoever you want gets there you just flip the switch and there you have it, a parted sea. Of course you pick the shallowest section and things like that.” They say.

“Okay.” I reply.

“Why don’t you ever help us though, with diseases and stuff like that?” I say.

“Who said that we never did, seriously who told you that? It’s unseen, and yes we do it alot actually for different reasons, alot of the time people won’t know it though because when you do it nothing happens and they never knew it occurred because it’s unseen and they never knew the difference.” They say.

(Cutting me off) “Some of these things are different though, we cannot just do anything at all, people have to learn some things, we’re juggling alot of stuff to say the least and helping whenever and whereever we can without getting in the way of the ultimate goal.” they say. “See, if someone is ultimately and utterly rebellious, which is natural at first, you have to let certain things happen to bring it all the way around where it should be. So no, we cannot simply make the planet a perfect utopia right now, but that is the ultimate goal, a good life where it’s all just fine.” They say.

“Am i talking to someone else now? You don’t sound the same all of a sudden.” I ask.

“Yep. It’s not the usual ones.” They say. “Watch it though, sometimes what looks like helping is harming and sometimes what looks like harming is helping. You’ll get there, give it time and effort.”

I don’t know whats up now, whats illusion and what isn’t, i suppose it takes certain leaps, testing of the waters. Someone yelled “don’t talk to them!”

I don’t know.

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