Tell me about when your unstable on meds, just interested

I’ve been unstable myself with paranoia and rarely audio hallucinations. This lasts for around half a day. If it happens to you how long does it last, hours, days, ???

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The whole time…no help at all but I mentally feel stronger than my sz…

Happens a lot. Meds don’t block voices.

I was just thinking about answers to that question.

Books and articles report long periods. It usually isn’t really like that. For most people on meds, it is a trigger, something that they experienced, saw, heard, felt, etc., that brings about the psychosis despite being on meds for psychosis.

It happened to me yesterday after a triggering event of my PC being hacked and the internet cable being turned off happening simultenously to my discovery when the cable guy came to fix it- it looked like someone went to town ■■■■■■■ my ■■■■ up when I was gone on the weekend for like 5 hours. I went to “oh, I know probability and statistics, and that’s not a coincidence!” and then straight down the rabbit hole, brain fried, still smoldering until the moment I went to sleep.

Woke up sane. The on-fire portion of the psychosis was two hours, just in time for something important.

Most people on meds take within a week to stabilize, from what I have heard on here, seen on here and others with schizophrenia.

But just voices for like 30 seconds an hour? Gotta learn to brush that off- that’s not true psychosis.

When I am under a lot of stress I become unstable regardless of meds, and start getting visual “hallucinations” and strong, disruptive “delusions.”

I’ve gotten myself pretty manic before when my Haldol shot was cut way down, and I was doing a lot of caffeine and ephedrine, and doing moderate exercise. I stayed awake for a week. It ended in me going to the hospital.

Since I stabilized I have moments, might last seconds or minutes. Or small episodes of hours but never more than a day/half a day.
I have good coping mechanisms for this, I don’t let myself be dragged by the thoughts.

If you are experiencing a lot of stress or go through a major life change this will increase your chances of relapsing even if you are on meds.

Meds usually lessen your chances of relapsing - they also help us deal with stressful situations.

Drug and alcohol consumption, especially if it is constant, increases your chances of relapsing.

Lasts for half a day for me. Closing the curtains and putting on music helps (ps I use headphones to cover up any outside noises).

When I’m lacking sleep or light on dose I feel like everyone is out to get me

usually it last a day or two. paranoid thoughts and delusions. I almost always hear voices.

i had 3 psychotic breaks all while medicated and i got significantly less psychotic within a few days

With me it’s auditory hallucinations and paranoia always on. I can disregard them both. At my age, the stress that increases the auditory hallucinations is physical-riding my bike for too long or walking around town for too long. My sense of who I am is very strong and always prevails. I am constantly resting on the bed and getting back up to take it on again.