Tell me about it

Insanity :confounded:

Crapbag & Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Paul Rudd is a genius

Nice selfie there :blush:
Strike a pose yo!

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right back atcha… lookin good.

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Yeah…we the good lookin’ :sunglasses:

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Blessing and a curse…

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Lol :joy: you funny man

Yeah…such a burden. :cry:

Like, we could list all the pros and cons but this isn’t an appropriate place to do so…

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Yeah, we don’t want to make people miserable :sunglasses:

Can i invite myself to a dinner with you?
We can discuss make up products and world peace you know…

Yeah I’ll fly you out from Croatia to the States! @Smprz I’m stealing your lover sorry

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You can have her! my eyes belong to @brucewillis rather he likes it or not.


You can’t steal what’s already yours :two_hearts:

( lol man, i like soaps you know)

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Lol! I thought you don’t go for younger guys?


Plot twist: Sara lied.

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Plot twist: David is glad Sara lied.

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