Tell me about 30 day treatment centers for addictions

I would like any and all information and experiences you have.

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Wonderful experience. Would never go again though. Too prison-like.

did they let people smoke, was it likie a house or a dorm?

More like a dorm. And yes you can definitely smoke lmao. 24/7 basically, outside.

I’ve done it.

Not super fun, as you’re coming off drugs,

But the medicine they give you keeps withdrawal symptoms under control.

Also all the intense therapy and counceling is endlessly beneficial.

I’d recommend the experience to anyone struggling.

I didn’t feel like it was prison like,

But at the same time, there was not too much freedom.

If you think you need to, go.

You’ll be happy you did.

Bottom line-

I got off drugs, and stayed off drugs. (If you don’t count weed…)


what type of rehab was it?

I am in a day treatment that does both mental health and addictions together. So far it is going surprisingly well. It is helping with my negative symptoms and lifestyle. No alcohol or drugs tolerated during program.


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