Tell me a lie

  • Yes, I can lie.
  • No, I can’t lie

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I see I can’t tell a lie due to fear.

Can you guys tell a lie, and check what happens.

Don’t tell a lie just like that,
I mean you should feel it and say.

Let me start by one:

Friends don’t take me for granted, because I speak the truth.

Everything I say is a lie.

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your hair actually looks really good when you wake up, it’s amazing!


This sentence does not exist.

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I haven’t really got schizoaffective disorder. Been faking it successfully for many years. Reverse psychology as I haven’t actually got SZA and tell my pdoc that all the time which in turn makes them think I do.

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And yeah also let me know if you guys feel something off after this …
Because yesterday I was hallucinating half of the day, I think it started of with a lie which I did not realize as a lie.
I later deleted the post as its not true.
I am in fear now.

~This is not a lie

I have schizophrenia, just don’t tell my chiropractor.

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Hmm. . .

You Would Like Me To Tell You A Lie @A_B_C (???).


Lies Are Only Lies When They Are Lying About Being Lies That Lie Within Lies Wrapped In Lies?.

I Wonder If That’s True!.

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I can believe that.

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