Tell me a good movie pls?

do you have ideas about good movies? i watch them to see the time pass :slight_smile: i take comedies also cause its good :wink:


a beautiful mind…its about johh nas jr…who iz an inspiration to all of us(scz)…!!!:om_symbol:
btw how are u @Anna1…???


Have you seen many movies

My favorite comedies are ones like

40 year old virgin
Knocked up

And any of the Austin powers

Oh my favorite comedy ever is

My cousin vinny

Doubt you’ve seen that!

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farcry, i think i am less paranoid today… its since they upped my Depakote wow… i feel less guilt also its strange :slight_smile: maybe i really needed this lift and the ads didn’t work for me in the past.
i saw a lot of movies about ill people, beautifull mind too. but i like good rated comedies right now and dramas also :slight_smile:


good to hear anna ur now felling good with medication…
hope this moment lasts long…take care…:om_symbol:

Here are some older comedies I like
Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
Tommy Boy
Wayne’s World
Galaxy Quest
Hot Fuzz
Groundhog Day

Seen it and yes it is good.

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I reckon it’s even funnier if you’re a New Yorker or Alabaman . And my whole family is Italian New York. I figure that’s why we’re so obsessed with it!

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Marisa tomie: I bet the Chinese food here is terrible!!!

ok thanks, ill check those movies. but now i download ‘‘colonia’’ and ‘‘gone girl’’, i am still serious though :smiley:

Army of Darkness, Forrest Gump, Christmas Vacation, Ace Ventura : Pet Detective.


Gone girl I kinda liked initially but the second time I saw it was OK

Army of Darkness - I never met anyone else that has watched it. I love it! Have you watched the whole series? AoD was the 3rd in the Evil Dead series.

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I was gonna say army of darkness…lol…for dark humor sz related…voices is hilarious if you can stand some sz triggers…


1000 ways to die in the west…Adam Sandler has some movies on Netflix kinda funny…

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some comedies i like

shaun of the dead
planes, trains and automobiles
monty python movies


All good movies good picks…

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If you want dark movies “Angel Heart” and “Blue Velvet” are a couple of good ones. I found certain scenes in Blue Velvet hard to watch, but it is still a dynamite movie. I think Angel Heart is better the second and third times you see it. “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” is a good Clint Eastwood movie if you haven’t already seen it.

Here are my fav:

  1. seven
  2. shutter island
    3.the shashank redemption
    4.the usual suspects
  3. sixth sence
    6.Psycho (1960)
    7.wolf of the wall street (comedy)
  4. black swan
  5. troy