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So. It’s my favorite time of year on the tele. I watch a lot of sport but few series or such. I do have a really big soft spot for reality tv. I can sit and watch people make fools of themselves endlessly. I watch bad mtv and miss the old set up talk shows like Jerry Springer.

Anyways. This week they’ve started Australian Survivor and Last week was Australian Ninja Warrior. I go to bed early but get up and watch the replay whilst doing my steps around the lounge/kitchen. If I miss an episode I can catch up on the internet…

I loves me some reality tv. Any fans of the survivors out there?


I watched Ninja Warrior this week, I stumbled across it and I couldn’t turn it off!

Those legends have amazing upper body strength.

I don’t watch any other reality shows but one of my closest friends is always watching survivor and Masterchef. Seems like they are on every night lol.

I’m watching the AFL tonight, are you? Good game.


Few minutes go AFL soccer went live on ABC …

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I watched real housewives, The reality one, Kinda good to see other Peoples life, even If they are rich. But you get to know them in a way.

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Sorry to go off topic here;

@Pamito is that Kristen Wiig in your profile pic?

The only reality TV I can watch is Cops and Live PD.

My wife watches Housewives of everywhere and a lot of others so I do see some of it.

I also like talk shows but now that I am working I don’t see any. I get home in time for one episode of Maury but if my wife isn’t napping I can’t watch it. She hates it.


Of every where yes… Lol.

@DNA yes it is Kristen Wiig!

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I love her so much, she is a comical genius.

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I’m amazed there’s an Australian version of Ninja Warrior. I used to watch that when it was just Japanese. Have you heard of Kacy Catanzaro? I think she was the first woman to either qualify or win, I have no idea how she got past the wall.


I like nature documentaries and Live PD/Live Rescue. I watch a lot of National Geographic and The Learning Channel. Of course, soon it will be time for American football to start and I like that, too.

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