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Telepathy and Distance


Wondering if anyone here who has voices has travelled great distances. I’d say around 8-12 time difference. What was their experience with voices.

I’m from North America and wondering what would happen to the voice if I travelled to Australia. I hear the voice of an old ‘friend’ and was wondering if this would change things. I kind of doubt as I doubt running away from the problem would help. But if it is really telepathy it would amaze me if our link could travel that distance… NA to Aus is about 12+ hour difference.


If it is telepathy distance doesn’t matter. I doubt that is telepathy.


It’s a mental illness. Anything that works that doesn’t treat the mental illness only works because you think it will work and will probably stop working eventually because it didn’t treat the mental illness. Travelling far away won’t treat the problem since the problem isn’t telepathy and telepathy isn’t real.


Are you on meds?


Yes on invega switching to clozapine. But meds don’t get rid of the voice.

I believe my voice is from an old friend and we somehow share a telepathic link/higher conscious or whatever you want to call it. I only hear a few words he says but he can hear my most every thought.


Clozapine is the best med for treatment resistant sz. Are you titrating up the clozapine right now? It could be very good for you if you’ve got luck on your side.


Yes. I still have invega in my system but last shot was just over three weeks ago. Currently at 75mg to clozapine. My pdoc wants me to go up to 150 by end of the week. Currently in hospital voluntarily so they can check my BP and blood.


That’s great to hear. I really hope Clozapine works well for you and that you will be happy with it. The right meds enabled me to change my life drastically.


I hope so. I am already considered high functioning. However, I feel like I am living a nightmare because as it feels like I have no private thoughts.


I have traveled a bit, and usually hear the problem people in the area. Some places worse than others.


Clozapine will sort you out and your productivity and mood and thoughts will be perfect! I am on it 11 years at a low dose level of 125mg
The sedation is great at low does as it calms and mellows you out and you’ll find that nothing will get you down and when people argue with you, you actually think rationally and so calm
Best of luck!


@mike23 I flew across the country unmedicated to escape my voices and had a hellish flight because of them, despite talking to Axl Rose. I think I freaked out my seat neighbor as I talked to myself for much of the flight.


I drove from Florida to Alaska and my voices accompanied me the whole way, 4800 miles and 4 time zones. Geography is not the optimal therapy for symptoms of sz.


Anyone travelled for a 12 or more God’s time difference and still hear the voices?


That would have been amazing to witness. If I ever see someone talking up a storm to themselves I immediately will want to be their friend.

I’m sorry about your rough flight though.


Thank you for your support @StripedShirtBoy! That is kind of you!


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