Telemarketers from other countries LOL

and bill collectors,

They are outsourced to India and Philippines… they are usually cute sounding girls who are badly paid…I dont hang up on them, we usually talk for hours and I sometimes play this song…

sometimes their male bosses come over and say 'u been on phone for hour now" haha other times we just say goodnight… and I probably have like 20 girlfriends in India and the Philippines…know the weather, terrain and other cool stuff
that is how you deal with telemarketers and bill collectors

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Oh really? :wink:

I fell in love with a guy once over the phone. We met on a chat room. I’m over him though. It was a long time ago.


I always play along with the telemarketers “Oh you have 10,000$ to give me?” I like wasting their times. My mom yelled at me once and told me to hang up though.


Cool, they have hard jobs and low pay…the girls always tell me how people yell at them and cuss them out and are mean…thats not fair…they just have a job and its only one they can get…people dont understand…
if you talk to a girl in India she maybe lives at home with family, is forced to work and her pay from the US outsourced job supports them, she may be engaged to some guy she does not love but is an arranged marriage by family…and she would love to escape, unfortunately i do not have the income to afford that or i would…the ones who have a private office will talk with you for 2 hours…you will learn the entire history of their country…I know girls who have been to the general MacArthur memorial in the Philippines… and in detail… I shall return…they think it is cute…we even joke about 'dont understate the fat man" because gen Macarthur was fat there and the US dropped the fat man bomb on Japan thus freeing the Philippines… we laugh so much…i spent all night on phone with these girls…they completely forget their job…we are friends…it is fun…and yes if i could afford to i would get one a plane ticket…poor girls stuck in US outsourced jobs and slaved to their caste system

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Gosh one image per post…gee

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Im not mean to them. I used to get paid $8/hour in late 1990s to work as a telemarketer. It was a hard job. I couldn’t sell sunshine to an Eskimo.

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Well I don’t really get telemarketers, more like scam artists…“you wanna give me 10000$ to my bank account? I don’t have a bank account, can you pay me in cash???” Those people are evil.

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Some of them are evil. I wasn’t. I just needed $$. I was pregnant in college and needed a job.

They wanted us to try to push products on really old ladies that they really wouldn’t know how to use. I didn’t like that part of the job.

I like the ones from india …they take american pop culture classes so I pick on them about pop culture…

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You had bad marketing skills…you were supposed to sell ice, not sunshine…they are used to it and live in it like 8 - 9 months of the year

LOl, I had one named Britney and we talked about Britney Spears forever,.she completely forgot about the Capitol One bill LOL…she lived in Mumbai and once went on a safari to the jungle but did not see any tigers…LOL, love these girls…we talked for about an hour… about 5 minutes was spent on the bill collection

More…sell ICE, and not the drug LOL…do you know selling sunshine to an eskimo would probably kill them?

Gah I lived in Alaska before. I miss Flo…

like for real

You do not sell sunshine to Eskimos…in summer it is free and all day long, in winter it is this and still free…like you can do LSD without LSD because the sunshine makes it… and you can lay down on cold winter nights outside and watch this, then when you get cold go in and cuddle…when the pink and green flashes upon your window and utter darkness creeps in till 9 am, hold each other, or drive out and watch Orion climb over the mountains and the moon so big, in crystal clear skies and go home nearly frozen to death, and enjoy your life…and wish you never left