Teeth and Going to the Dentist

My notes dating back to the early 1980’s mention poor oral hygiene . I’m very bad at remembering to brush my teeth. That coupled with teeth grinding and not going to the dentist much due to dental phobia means my teeth are in an awful state.

My stepdaughter inquired about dentures for me, but then Covid hit the UK a few weeks later.


The last time I went to the dentist was over 7 years ago. I probably brush my teeths since december 2013 once or twice every one or two weeks. I drink loads of sugar and also coffee with cream.

I don’t know why I’m doing it, but brushing my teeth’s is not on my mind and if so then I skip the thought about it. I don’t have any problems, two weeks ago, I guess, my muscle in the cheeks stopped hurting. I put that one on smoking because I always smoke on the right cheek side. But it is fully gone the pain from it.

I have no reasons to keep my teeth’s and take care about them, maybe I’m foolish because too young and no consequences.

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I barely cleaned them at all last year. I probably went 9 months without brushing. I felt super suicidal for a lot of it and just thought “I won’t need these when I’m dead”.
I think it is really common among people with schizophrenia to have issues brushing their teeth.

Its really good to be honest with your dentist and tell them you haven’t been brushing and why.

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Funny you mention it I just got home from my own dentist a couple hours ago ---- they drilled and filled three cavities, it wasn’t pleasant but even if I lose my teeth someday the guilt and shame that would follow it as if I hadn’t at least tried wouldn’t be there

My best advice is to get a waterproof electric toothbrush and brush in the shower in the morning

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Bold of you to assume I shower that frequently. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I always have times where I neglect personal hygiene like teeth, it’s such a stressful thing to deal with, especially when you know you should clean them but just have no motivation. Hope all is well with you!

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