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CANADA – (January 30, 2015) – The first study of its kind shows how mental health literacy can positively affect student awareness was released recently.

Enhancement of mental health literacy has been the focus of increasing interest for mental health professionals, educators and the community alike. A recent study led by Dr. Stan Kutcher indicates that mental health curriculum in high schools can significantly improve student attitudes and knowledge in mental health.

“This study demonstrates how an inexpensive and simple pedagogically familiar intervention can be used to effectively and sustainably increase mental health literacy in young people,” says Dr. Kutcher. “This increases knowledge, decreases stigma and allows students and teachers to begin an educated dialogue about mental health.”

Students who participated in the report had a greater awareness of mental health literacy months after being exposed to a curriculum designed for Canadian schools. Student participants retain more awareness months after receiving the curriculum. The report further indicates that a significant amount of time or money is not required to increase mental health awareness amongst students.

“A mental health curriculum fits wells into the Canadian school curriculum along with international applications that are currently being evaluated,” Dr. Kutcher says.

The full report can be found online at: