Teenagers. Arrrrrrrggggghhh

I am trying to figure out how my daughter can be smart enough to score over 90% on exams in physics while being simultaneously so bleedin’ dumb that she leaves the toilet running after using it in the middle of the night. The sound of which wakes ME up (but not HER, of course), and I have to go downstairs and fix it. And now I can’t get back to sleep.

Teens. Bleh.



Focused…good to see. Toilets just aren’t in the equation!

Doing a good job with a youngun doing well with physics…girls need to do those subjects!!! Well done you!

About the plumbing…I suspect that is your responsibility! :slight_smile:

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@velociraptor your daughter probably is a genius like Einstein :smile:

You could gather a dowry and sell her to the local Lord. Surely she is of child rearing age according to ye olde times.

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At least she flushes.

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Did she leave the toilet seat up at least???

@KingHenryVIII – need a future wife to replace the ones you beheaded?

Not always.

Hell no.


She’s not dumb, she just doesn’t care. Why should she? It doesn’t wake her, and she doesn’t pay the water bill. It doesn’t concern her at all, and so it doesn’t concern her at all.
What a wonderfully bright and normal teen you have! :blush:


Wrong on both counts. Guess who got her arse tossed out of bed last night to fix the toilet and then bought her mom Subway for lunch today?

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Oooh, tough love :heart: