Technology is awesome!

Seriously, I can’t imagine being born like hundreds of years ago and just reading, working, and sweating profusely. No modern medicine, no electricity, no air conditioning, no phones to text with, just toil, sweat, and reading. Lots of reading.

I always try to appreciate the finer things that being born in the modern age affords me… being able to talk to you guys, from all around the world, being able to play crazy awesome video games, watch educational stuff on YouTube, stay in touch with my family from across the country, write really really fast (typing), or read :slight_smile:

Also travel. Airplanes are awesome! Walking to California from Virginia would probably kill me. Good times. Just thought I’d post something positive.


I agree. I was working outside today on my garage and I got so hot I felt faint. Plus my asthma kicked in. I was able to retreat to my air conditioned house and use my asthma inhaler. Thank God!


Hundreds of years ago we might have been burned at the stake. Imagine no medication, many of us would have outlandish comments. A hundred years ago we might end up in an insane asylum or sanitarium where they’d likely torture us in the name of scientific research. Thank goodness for technological advances.

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