Technology is advancing fast

Technology is advancing fast,
we’re now at the age where scientists and so forth are predicting that in 20-30 years time we will have implants in our heads and so forth. Which is interesting, because for me - I wouldn’t accept such a thing, but what if they made it mandatory? I know it can easily go off like a conspiracy theory but so many people would willingly accept it.
I was talking with my mother just before and she said it would be good and she would love it - and I thought to myself and even said out loud you can’t accept technology like that no matter how great it sounds - to give of that type of information about people is wrong and would change the face of society you can’t just give the global elite even more control than they already have it would destory the fundaments that make up society. For example; can you imagine in 20-30 years time if these events take place there would be people on the outskirts that would go around taking the implant out of peoples heads and creating a sub-group of rebels to counter act, the face of terrorism would be completely different tomorrow than it is today and they would be marked as vigilantes when they were the ones that are right. For me, that is a scary thing - yes, I can accept advancements in technology but what really stops the elite from saying it’s mandatory to do this or that even more than they do now and to force something upon you like they do the measles shot. Think there is already people that think it’s wrong to take the shots we give kids because of conspiracy issues - but what if that distant future is in our lifetimes or possible later life time? The face of tomorrow may never be the same as the face of today. So for me, I say embrace today because tomorrow we might be in a completely different world that may change the face of everything we once knew and loved.
Look at everything we do today, people have power to access anyones facebook account for all you know anything can be told about you, to give of that type of information or even share it completely changes what you know and may shape your life in such an extent that you wouldn’t even know how you ended up where and why.
These things are happening fast - how long until the terminator is a real thing? 100-200-300 years? what do you guys think?
Would you accept an implant in your head if it could do magically things? I’m sure we’ve all talked about things like this but it is seriously coming faster than we think, faster than the evolution of our grandparents it’s coming quick and fast who knows what tomorrow might bring. (in a non schizophrenic way).

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In 70 years they haven’t been able to find an alternative to dopamine inhibitor antipsychotics and I bet they will take another 300 years to cure schizophrenia. For a terminator I guess that another 500 or 600.

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I look forward to man an machine merging!

The rapid progressing of technology is mankinds only hope of survival imho!

Have you ever heard of a concept called the singularity? It’s basically the idea that mankind will create an AI that is far more intelligent then it and at this point there will be a MAJOR break in history. Some people expect all of mankinds problems to be solved by the singularity while others worry that the AI could eliminate mankind from the world.

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